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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20120925.pdf

A new updated document has been placed in the Documents Folder that outlines the complete Cornies family tree.  This document is called Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20120925.pdf and is available for download.

This document originates from Johann Cornies in Germany and is very comprehensive.  A lot of time and effort has been devoted to creating this document and keeping it current.  Thank-you very much Johann.  Vielen Dank!!

Boris Feinstein

Documentation was received from Germany that outlines the lineage of Boris Feinstein. He was born in East Siberia on June 5, 1941 and can trace his lineage to the Cornies family through to David Johann Cornies (1794).

A document has been place in the Documents Folder that traces his lineage.  That document is called Vorfahren von Boris Feinstein.pdf and is available for download.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Davidovich Cornies

In a previous post, Johann Cornies of Germany found information about this person and we were wondering how this David Davidovich Cornies fit into the Cornies family tree.

Since then, Johann received information indicating this person is likely the grandson of David Heinrich Cornies (no. 50 in the document Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20110313.pdf).  Susanna Cornies, the daughter of David Heinrich Cornies, wrote her autobiography.  An excerpt from that autobiography was forwarded from her great-granddaughter to Johann Cornies in Germany.  It reads as follows:

"Mama schreibt. Mein Leben von Kindheit:

Ich, Susana Cornies, war geboren 1879 Molosch Dorf Orloff. Mein Vater 1. Sohn von Heinrich Cornies 1833 ein David. Meine Mutter eine Susana Reimer Tochter des Klas Reimer von Orloff. Meine Eltern hatten 1878 Hochzeit.

1.Ich war die älteste Tochter Susana geb.1879/28 Februar
2.Br.David geboren 1880-21.Januar
3.Schw. Mariechen geb. 1882 und starb 1890
4.Schw. Lena geb. 1884 und starb 1885
5.Br.Nikolai geb. 1885 wurde 3 Wochen alt und starb an Termin
6.Br. Heinrich 1888 wurde 3 Wochen alt und starb an Termin
7.Br. Johann 1891 wurde genommen1935,gestorben 1937 im Gefängnis
8.Br Heinrich 1894 wurde 1937 in Gefangenschaft genommen und bis 1951 noch
nichts gehört.

Ich habe von 1879 in Ruhe und Frieden bei meinen lieben Eltern mit meinen 3 Brüdern David, Hans und Henrich gelebt, ja eine schöne Jugend verlebt, wie bin ich mit meinen lieben Eltern zur Kirche gefahren, zur Andacht und Bibelstunde gegangen- ein gutes Leben gehabt.
Oh,wie wars so herrlich auf den Glauben getauft in Kalinowa war die Kirche.Meine lieben Eltern siedelten 1885 an auf Memrik, kamen den 30.April dort an.Wir waren Kinder, Ich 6 Jahre alt .Meine liebe Mama kränklich, Vater gesund und stark, hat immer sehr gearbeitet, sind schwere und gute Tage gewesen.

Mein lieber Vater wurde alt 62 Jahre 1 Monat und 8 Tage,starb 1919. Meine liebe Mutter starb 1920 den 15 Mai an Magenkrebs. Wurde alt 65 Jahre 3 Monate und 9 Tage.

Mein Br. David verheiratete sich 1903 im Oktober. Er hatte zur Frau Tina Peters. Dann wohnte er bei meinen Eltern. Sie zogen 1906 nach Конжонково und wir 1905 wohnten dort auf Garbenland . Es ging uns dort ganz gut, es war drock, aber wir jung und stark, und der Herr gab Segen zu unserem Schaffen. Haben dort 8 Jahre gewohnt und Er 7 Jahre. Dann zog Er nach Омск auf dem Onkel Jakob Cornies sein Land. Der hatte dort 200 Desetin Land und mein Br. David bekam 50 Desetin.Alles mit dem Alles mit dem Onkel sein Vieh und Menschen, das alles zu besorgen. Das war 1911 im Herbst dann bauerte Er dort. 2 Söhne und 1 Tochter wurden Ihm dort geboren. David-1906, Hans-1908 und Suse-1910 d.20.Januar. Lena und Hein wurden in Omck geboren.

Er starb 1915 im Februar und Sie kam im Frühling zurück mit ihren Kindern zu ihren Eltern.Dann heiratete sie1920 von Nordheim den Gerhard Rogalski. Er hatte 5 Kinder und Sie 3Kinder. 2 Kinder starben ihr noch in Bahndorf an Scharlach: der Hans-1919 und Hein-1920 im Februar.

Er, Rogalski, starb an die 1935 im Herbst und sie mussten auch am 1941 mit Kinder , zusammen weg. Wegen dem Krieg mussten alle nach Sibirien ,dann starb Sie im Jahre 1944 an Hunger. Sind noch die 2 rechten Kinder Susa und Lena mit ihren Kinder.Die Männer sind genomen, ist keine Spur.

Weiter geht die Erzählung von Ihrem (Susana Cornis ) Bruder Johann ( Hans ) Cornies,geb.1891..."

English translation:

"Mother writes - My life from childhood:

I, Susanna Cornies, was born in 1879 in Orloff.  My father was David, son of Heinrich who was born in 1833.  My mother was Susanna Reimer, daughter of Klas Reimer from Orloff.  My parents were married in 1878.

1.  I was the oldest daughter born Feb 28, 1879
2. Brother David was born on Jan 21, 1880
3. Sister Mariechen born 1882 and died 1890
4. Sistern Lena born 1884 and died 1885
5. Brother Nikolai born 1885 and died after 3 weeks old
6. Brother Heinrich born 1888 and died after 3 weeks old
7. Brother Johann born 1891 and was taken in 1935 and died in 1937 in prison
8. Brother Heinrich born 1894 and was taken in captivity and nothing more was heard from him as of 1951

From 1879, my life was tranquility and peace with my loving parents and my 3 brothers David, Hans (Johann) and Heinrich.  I enjoyed my youthful years and  attended church with my parents for prayer and bible study.  I had a good life. It was heavenly to believe and be baptized in the church in Kalinowa.

My parents settled in Memrik on Apr 30, 1885.  We were children.  I was 6 years old.  My mother was ill but father was healthy and strong.  He always worked hard.  There were good and bad days.
My dear father died in  1919 at the age of 62 years, 1 month and 8 days.  My mother died on May 15, 1920 of stomach cancer. She was 65 years, 3 months and 9 days old at the time.

My brother David married in October, 1903 to Tina Peters.  He lived then by my parents.  In 1906, they moved to Конжонково after we, in 1905, moved there to wheat country.  It went well there, it was dry but we were young and strong and the Lord blessed our work.  We lived there 8 years and my brother 7 years.  David then moved to Омск (Omsk) on to his Uncle Jacob Cornies land.  There he had 200 desiatina (1 desiatina = 1.092 hectares) and my brother David received 50 desiatina.  Together with his uncle, they had to get livestock and people to help on the farm.  That was in the fall of 1911 when he built there.  He had 2 sons and 1 daughter. David was born in 1906, Hans in 1908 and Suse in 1910.   Lena and Hein were born in Омск.

David died in February, 1915 and his wife came back in the spring with her children to her parents place.  She then married Gerhard Rogalski from Nordheim in 1920.  He had five children and she had three children. Two children died of scarlet fever; Hans in 1919 and Hein in Feb 1920.

Gerhard Rogalski died in the fall of 1935 and she had to leave with her family in 1941.  Because of the war, everyone had to move to Siberia.  In 1944, she died of starvation.  The two children Susa and Lena remain with their children.  The men were taken and disappeared without a trace.

The story of Susanna Cornies and her brother Johann, born 1891 continues from here...."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anna Cornies & Kornelius Toews

The photograph below was brought to my attention by Art Tevs.  Anna Cornies & Kornelius Toews emigrated to Paraguay from Ukraine.  More information about this couple can  be found at a previous post here.  Art has collected information from the Tevs/Töws/Taves/Toews family tree and if you're interested, more information related to that family tree can be found at his site .

(Please note that the owner of the above photo could not be contacted and has been used without permission.  The link to the original photograph can be found here.)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photograph of Two Women

Neil Nickel, who has previously supplied content to this site, provided the following photograph that he found in his family archives.  He is trying to identify the women in this photo and is suggesting that readers of this blog may have a similar picture who can identify these people.  These two may not necessarily be part of the Cornies lineage.  Please feel free to leave a comment or send an email if you can identify these people.