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Friday, May 24, 2013

Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20130523.pdf

Thanks to Johann Cornies and family located in Germany, an updated family tree document has been created and placed in the Documents Folder. Click on the red "Documents Folder" title on the right side of the page. That will take you to the folder where this document can be downloaded.

Vielen Dank Johann!

Dank Johann Cornies und Familie in Deutschland, hat eine aktualisierte Stammbaum Dokument erstellt und in den Ordner Dokumente. Klicken Sie auf das rote "Documents Folder" Titel auf der rechten Seite.  Das wird Sie zu dem Ordner, in denen dieses Dokument heruntergeladen werden kann.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Memrik Colony

A little farther north from the Molotschna colony in Ukraine was another Mennonite colony known as Memrik. Johann Cornies of Germany provided some old photographs from this colony.  Jakob Cornies (no. 346 in the document Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20120925) and Gerhard Cornies (no. 345) are included in these photographs.  There is also an Ekatharina Kornis listed in the names.  She is the adopted daughter of Heinrich Cornies (no. 153 in the document Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20130523).  The "Cornies" surname is spelled "Kornis" in the names below the photographs.  An old map of this colony shows the general area of the Memrik colony and the town of Orlov (also Orloff and Bahndorf) in that colony.


 A contemporary image of the same area was taken from Google maps and shows the following...


 Perhaps some of our readers are familiar with the people in the following images...