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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Details of Cornies / Driedger Family 1912

The above photograph is a larger image than the one in the previous post.  This is a photograph of the Cornies / Driedger family taken circa 1912.
Johann Cornies (No. 44 in Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20110313) married a second time after the death of his first wife.  The document shows that his second wife was Katharina Warkentin.  Warkentin is likely her maiden name as her first husband was Driedger and so, at the time of second marriage, she would have been known as Katharina Driedger.
The above photograph shows the married couple in front and centre with his children and her children surrounding them.  On the far left is David Cornies (No. 128) with his wife Sara in front of him.  Next is Jacob  Heidebrecht with his wife Maria (No. 127) sitting in front of him.  Beside Jacob is Abram Driedger, then Marie Driedger and then, Nicolai Driedger (perhaps better known as Reverend N.N. Driedger).  Next to Nicolai is Peter Cornies (he was killed by anarchists in Ukraine in 1919).  Next to Peter is Johann J. Cornies (No. 126) with his wife, Justina, sitting in front of him.  At the far right is Jacob Driedger and his wife Marianne Driedger sitting in front of him.
Johann Cornies died in 1915 but the rest of above family eventually emigrated to Canada except for Jacob and Maria Heidebrecht who decided to remain in Ukraine or Russia and Peter Cornies who was killed.  

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