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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Photographs of artifacts from the Cornies family archives have been provided by Tamara Kranz.  Her great grandmother was Anna Cornies (No. 58 in Nachkommen von Martin Cornies version 20110313.pdf) who married Cornelius Toews (son of Johann Toews and Elizabeth Wieler).

The first artifact is a kettle.  Of this kettle, Tamara's grandmother wrote:

"Diesen Kessel bekam ich von meiner Mutter Anna Cornies und Herrn Peter Cornies geschenkt bevor sie vor dem Kommunismus verschickt wurden im Jahre 1927. In Ohrloff Molochnaya Kasachstan geschmiedet von Herrn Düeck (Kopperdüeck - Kupferdüeck)"

Photographs of this kettle are shown below:

The family also has a Bible that was brought to South America from Russia when Anna Cornies immigrated to Paraguay.  Photographs of this Bible are shown below:

The family would like to dispose of these artifacts.  If someone is interested in these artifacts, please contact the writer at wcornies at (@) who will provide the email address to contact the owner of these artifacts through private email.  

(Please note that the intent of this blog is not to solicit the purchase or sale of goods and services)

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