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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heinrich Cornies and Alexander Cornies (father and son)

Several photographs have been provided by Pamela Stephenson of Kansas, USA.  Her late Uncle Elman Cornies left these photographs as part of his possessions.
The first photograph is that of Alexander Cornies in his Red Cross uniform (father of Elman).  Many Mennonite men in Russia served as medics in the Russian army during the First World War.  Alexander can be found in the document Nachkommen von Martin Cornies.pdf as the son of Heinrich Cornies listed as no. 17 .

The next photograph was marked “Cornies great grandfather”.  This could be a photograph of Heinrich Johann Cornies (no. 6) although that can’t be confirmed.  Photographic technology likely reached Russia in the mid 1850’s so this is a possibility.  This image could also be a photograph of Heinrich Heinrich Cornies (no.17).

The next photograph was marked “Cornies great grandmother”.  Similarly, this is possibly the wife (nee Nickel) of Heinrich Cornies (no. 17).

The next photograph is marked Henry H. Cornies and is likely an image of Heinrich Cornies (no. 17).  Is this person the same individual as the person in the photograph above?

Perhaps others have similar photographs in their family archives that can confirm the identity of these people?  Please fee free to leave a comment.

Many thanks to Pamela Stephenson for providing these photographs.


  1. My family has the same picture that supports the name of this person.