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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Move from Ohrloff

One can trace the movement of the original Cornies family from Danzig, to the Chortitza colony in Ukraine and then to the Molotschna colony where the family eventually settled in the village of Ohrloff.  Subsequent generations can be traced to the the village of Ohrloff as their place of birth as well as Juschanlee and Taschenak.  However, the larger Cornies family eventually dispersed from Ohrloff settling in other communities.

The family of Johann Cornies (1852-1906 and no. 45 in Nachkommen von Martin Cornies.pdf) moved north to the new village of Schoenfeld where he served as Mayor of that settlement. The villages of this settlement were mostly destroyed during the Russian Revolution and his children moved back to Molotschna prior to emigrating to Canada.

Can anyone else trace their roots to a town or village in Ukraine outside of Ohrloff, Juschanlee or Taschenak?  Please share your story.

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