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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photographs - Family of Johann Cornies (1789-1848)

Although there is no photograph of Johann Cornies (1789-1848) since he lived before photographic technology was developed, the following image has been used to represent his likeness.  The source of the image is understood to be a charcoal drawing by a Tobias Voth in 1827.  The same image has been used in  David Epp's book "Johann Cornies".

His grandson, Johann Cornies (1843-1912) is shown below (No. 22 in the document Nachkommen von Martin Cornies.pdf) and he lived on the Taschenak Estate.

The above man's son, also named Johann Cornies was born on the same estate and lived from 1868-1936.  (No. 76 in the document Nachkommen von Martin Cornies.pdf)

Johann Cornies (1868-1936) above, also had a son named Johann (or Hans) Cornies who lived from 1898-1919 also on the Taschenak  estate. During the revolution, this young man was brutally murdered by bandits or anarchists as he represented one of the wealthy landowners in revolutionary Russia and a perceived source of oppression by the proletariat.  He was the last male descendant of Johann Cornies (1789-1848).

(All images above provided by Johann Cornies of Germany)


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