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Friday, February 12, 2010

Johann Martin Cornies (1741-1814)

Johann Cornies moved from the Danzig area with his family to Ukraine and eventually settled in the village of Ohrloff (or Orloff) in the Molotschna colony.  The 1835 Molotschna census shows Johann Martin Cornies (b. 1741) in Orloff along with his four sons.  Since his year of death is recorded as 1814, the reason for including him in the 1835 census is unknown.

One can see from the genealogical records of that time, the tradition was to use the father's given name as the son's middle name.  Given this tradition, one might assume that Johann Martin Cornies father's name would have been Martin Cornies.

Early population lists of the Dutch West Indies shows a Martin Cornies as a resident of St. Maarten in 1715.  Since Johann Martin Cornies sailed from Danzig to ports in different parts of the world, is it possible that there is a link between this Johann Martin Cornies in Danzig and the Martin Cornies in St. Maarten?


  1. You are building a most interesting site here and as a blog it provides a fascinating opportunity for global collaboration. A Cornies genealogy certainly has my interest...

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Paul. The blog format is an attempt to involve others of Cornies lineage. I'll take the opportunity to encourage others to leave comments and submit their own stories.