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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heinrich Cornies (1870-1944) Collected Photographs

Heinrich Cornies, grandson of David Cornies (1794-1853), arrived in Canada with memories of Molotschna in the form of photographs. There are six photographs of men shown below. The photograph in the bottom right corner was marked "Cousin D Cornies" on the back.  We are trying to identify these individuals.  Perhaps there are others who have old photographs passed down from previous generations who can identify these men.

Other photographs in Heinrich's possession were those shown below.  Again, any assistance in identifying these people would be greatly appreciated.

Thankfully submitted by Rose Sirman, granddaughter of Heinrich Cornies.

Jerry Dick adds the following analysis of the image above...

"In the absence of definitive information, I have concluded that the young woman in the middle of the top row in the middle group of above pictures is Helena Cornies (1850-1882) (GRANDMA #352851).  My rationale is as follows:
1. It seems highly likely that a "Cornies" picture collection containing a photograph of Anna (Töws) Hübert (1875-1944) (GRANDMA #473749) and her family would also include a picture of her mother, Helena Cornies (1850-1882).
2. The photographer's Logo at the bottom of the photograph of Anna (Töws) Hübert and her family is the same as that for the young woman I believe to be Helena Cornies (1850-1882).  It seems reasonable that Anna would have chosen a photographer that her family was familiar with and had used before.
3. The photographer for both pictures would have been an "Ohrloff" photographer as his Logo is also found on pictures of other known Ohrloff residents.  As indicated by the birth/death records in the GRANDMA database, Helena's parents and grandparents, Helena's family, and Helena's children's families all lived in Ohrloff too.
4. The young woman that I believe to be Helena Cornies (1850-1882) has an unusually strong chin, and that physical characteristic is clearly visible in her daughter Anna as a teen-ager, and in her granddaughters Anna (GRANDMA #463693) and Margaretha (GRANDMA #465236) as young women, see attached photographs. None of the other women in the Cornies picture collection seem to have this characteristic.
Jerry D."


  1. "The young family in the lower right photograph of the middle group of pictures is that of Peter and Anna (Töws) Hübert and two of their children, Elisabeth and Anna. Their connection to the Cornies family (and their "GRANDMA" numbers) is as follows:
    Elisabeth Hübert (1897-1975) (#463933) and Anna Hübert (1907-1993) (#463696) were the daughters of Peter Hübert (1866-1919) (#487041) and Anna (Töws) Hübert (1875-1944) (#473749)
    Anna (Töws) Hübert was the daughter of Jacob W. Töws (1847-1933) (#352850) and Helena (Cornies) Töws) (1850-1882) (#352851).
    Helena (Cornies) Töws was the daughter of David Cornies (Abt 1825-1857) (#101982)
    David Cornies was the son of David Johann Cornies (1794-1873) (#44148)
    David Johann Cornies was the brother of the well-known Johann Johann Cornies (1789-1848) (#44146)."

  2. Die Junge Familie rechts unten in der mittleren Bildgruppe ist Peter und Anna (Töws) Hübert mit zwei Töchtern, Elisabeth und Anna. Ihre Zugehörigkeit zu Cornies Familie ist die folgende: Elisabeth Hübert (1897- 1975) # 463933 und Anna Hübert (1907-1993) #463696 sind Töchter von Peter Hübert (1866-1919)#487041 und Anna (Töws) Hübert (1875-1944) #473749.
    Anna (Töws) Hübert ist die Tochter von Jakob Töws(1847-1933) #352850 und Helena (Cornies) Töws (1850-1882) #352851
    Helena (Cornies) Töws war die Tochter von David Cornies (1825-1857)#101982
    David Cornies war der Sohn von David J. Cornies (1794-1873) #44148
    David Johann Cornies war der Bruder von dem weltbekannten Johan J. Cornies (1789-1848) #44146
    Der Peter Hübert ist auch auf dem Bild, wo viele Gutsbesitzer aus Ohrloff am Schulhaus versammelt sind. Wurde von Banditen erschossen.
    Seine Frau Anna ist 1944 an Hunger gestorben.
    Die Nachkommen von ihren Töchtern wohnen in Sibirien.